The vegetable garden

The garden is a key element of the countryside living. It was, and it is able to enrich with great sacrifice and work the table with fresh fruit and vegetables throughout the year.
At the farm you can find it at your disposal: tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines, peppers, melons, watermelons, ... local and fresh fruits and vegetables available during spring and summer, you can pick them by yourselves and then enjoy them raw or cooked. A unique experience, especially for children who will discover their true flavors.

Terra Solis Extra virgin olive oil

The olive tree has been known since ancient times in the Mediterranean area. It has had since then a leading role not only as a food. It is considered a sacred plant and a symbol of peace. In Tuscany, as from the second half of the nineteenth century, this increasingly widespread cultivation has characterized the unmistakable landscape and the agriculture of this land. There are over 7 hectares cultivated with olive trees in the farm. The main varieties are Leccio del Corno and Frantoio, typical Tuscan varieties that contribute to produce a unique extra virgin olive oil. The oil called Terra Solis is extracted from these olives. This oil can be tasted in a blend or as a mono-varietal in order to appreciate its taste and sensory differences deriving from the two varieties better.
Senator Cappelli ancient wheat

Senator Cappelli ancient wheat pasta
In recent years, alongside the usual wheat production, we decided to reintroduce the cultivation of the ancient Senato Cappelli durum wheat variety that had characterized our agriculture in the early years. This wheat, up to 160 cm tall, is characterized by a high adaptability to our land. Thanks to its excellent nutritional qualities and its high protein content, it is excellent to produce an excellent quality of pasta. The wheat is stone milled at a mill outside the farm and transformed into a bronze-dried dry pasta of different sizes.

Senator Cappelli ancient durum wheat semolina
Semolina, obtained from the Senato Cappelli grain stone milling, process that allows to mantain the wheat precious nutritive characteristics (vitamins, mineral salts, fibers and antioxidants) is particularly delicate and difficult to preserve, therefore it will be present at the farm only at certain times of the year, the same as the milling. It is therefore advisable to book it or check with the owners for its availability.

Millefiori honey

The proximity to the sea of Parco Costiero della Sterpaia and of the Gulf of Baratti, the dunes, the humid and wooded areas, as well as the agricultural areas of Val di Cornia, let the vegetation of this area grow flourishing: helichrysum, conifers, Mediterranean scrub along with the crops of sunflowers and vegetables give our millefiori honey scent of the sea, essences of resin and salt that make this millefiori a unique honey.

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