Agriturismo Piombino

Piombino, little known as a tourist destination, is certainly the most unique and charming town in Val di Cornia. Its recently renovated historical center winds through medieval streets: Rivellino, Torrione and the ancient city gate lead to the single terrace overlooking the sea in Italy: Piazza Bovio, over the clear waters of the Etruscan Coast and right in front of Elba island.
The historical and panoramic tour can continue from Piazza Bovio or from the other streets of the centre to the Ceramics Museum inside the town Castle and to Populonia Archaeological Museum in which houses the Amphora of Baratti and copy of the Apollo of Piombino (the original is preserved in Louvre). A walk that will amaze you at every step.
Far from mass tourism, Piombino offers the opportunity to be surrounded by an atmosphere rich in history, to relax, to enjoy good food and breath-taking views with family or friends.

Baratti and Populonia

Gulf of Baratti, located in the territory of Piombino, enchanting for its landscape and archaeological findings, There, it is also located the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia. Castle of Populonia, Etruscan Museum of Populonia and the Archaeological Area of San Cerbone open to the public since 2017, are managed by Periplo Turismo e Cultura association. Young and expert archaeologists will welcome you and guide you through an historical and archaeological itinerary of the territory. Casa Balena and Casa Esagono, hidden inside the woods, in the Gulf of Baratti, are two buildings by the architect Vittorio Giorgini. Thanks to Baco Baratti association, cultural events are set there to raise awareness and discover this area.
Others attraction

Sterpaia Park is a protected natural area that extends for 296 hectares along the coastal strip that goes from Piombino to Follonica. Characterized by long stretches of beach with fine and clear sand, dunes, woods and agricultural areas. It is possible to reach the beaches by various entrances along the way on the Geodetic Base. WWF Oasis -Orti Bottagone, what remains of the ancient swamp of Piombino, is a place where you can discover the evolution and history of the area and admire, along special paths, the rich flora and fauna of the area: especially numerous species of birds including the beautiful pink flamingo.

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