The Farm

The agritourism structure is part of a real farm present on the territory for three generations. Our land is all flat and located in Val di Cornia, near the banks of the river in the last part of its journey, near its outlet and the sea. it is thanks to Cornia, which gives its name to the entire valley, that this land is so fertile and the landscape surrounding the promontory of Baratti and the hills, where the villages of Campiglia Marittima and Suvereto rise, is so beautiful.

The company moved from breeding to specialized horticulture following the changing times, until the present day in which an agriculture supported by the greatest technical and agronomic skills is flanked by modern multi-functionality.

Our products

Currently the company has about 70 hectares of land or owned or rented. There are over 7 hectares of land farmed with Tuscan native olive trees along with cereals and sunflowers. These plants are registered in the IGP Tuscan Olive Oil Consortium and from them we extract the Terra Solis extra-virgin olive oil. Among the cereals, the cultivation of ancient wheat varieties was introduced, then transformed into a paste after stone milling and bronze drawing.
Moreover, since our passion for the animals has never stopped, a small beekeeping activity has been introduced and thanks to the work of these precious and industrious insects, pollination and honey production are guaranteed.
Visit the farm

In love with and proud of our work we will be happy to accompany you to visit our farm to show you the processing and cultivation techniques. We are sure we will satisfy all the curiosities of our younger and older guests using a simple and familiar approach, as well as a great experience and professionalism, matured over the years and thanks to professional training.

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